Gazebos & Louvre Roof Systems


The Pacific Louvre Opening Roof allows you to control light, sun and shade In New Zealand's summer heat.

This gazebo-style sun cover system protects your outdoor dining or living area, poolside, deck or balcony. We can help you with carport designs, verandas, or pergolas.

Louvre 137

This stylish awning allows you to block the harsh heat of summer, very important in areas of New Zealand with high sunshine hours. 

You set the amount of sun, shade and ventilation you require at the touch of a button. Partially closing your louvres gives shade with full ventilation and catches the passing breeze. The Pacific Louvre Roof allows natural convection to draw warm air up through the open louvres, creating a cooler space beneath. Open up to let the sunshine through.

Even on the cooler days, you can maintain your outdoor lifestyle on the deck or patio. The louvres are uniquely designed to overlap, providing maximum rain protection and to stop warmer air escaping. In warm light rain, the louvres can be left partially open to let the water drain away in the contours of the louvre.  

For use in residential or commercial spaces, the smooth flowing lines of this retractable louvre roof system blend well with any architectural style.  Choice of colours available, see our powder coating options for the full range.  


Awning Design

Whether it is a pitched, flat or angled roof, you can design an Pacific Louvre Opening Roof to suit the personal style of your home. The one-piece extruded aluminium louvre and stainless steel components are engineered to the highest standards, making the Pacific Louvre Roof suitable for extreme heat, strong winds and corrosive coastal conditions.

Not only can the Pacific Louvre Roof lower your energy costs, but provide many years of trouble-free operation.



In summer, block out the heat and keep cooling costs down by simply closing the roof or opening it partially for shaded ventilation. The Pacific Louvre Roof roofing system provides the ultimate control over the amount of shade you need. For those with sensitive skin or those concerned about health risks due to sun exposure, the Pacific Louvre Roof is the perfect answer - full light can be enjoyed without direct sunlight.  

During summer months a place is often sought to provide shade from the sun's heat with cool ventilation. The Pacific Louvre Roof offers a solution, as natural convection draws the warm air up through the louvres to give you a cooling breeze below. 

In winter the slim line louvres can be positioned to allow the sun's natural warmth and light into rooms to save on energy costs. With the simple push of a button, the louvres can be moved to give the desired lighting level into a room, office or building.